Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is moonpark? 

Moonpark is an app with classes hosted by the community. With our platform, you are empowered to get involved and discover new hobbies right in your neighborhood. Local guides use moonpark to create in-person experiences that are authentic and unique.

How does it work? 

As a new user, you will begin your journey as an explorer, where you can browse and book classes from an array of categories. These classes can be filtered by location, date, price, and class size, so you can sign up for classes that best fit your needs. Those who want to share can make an additional profile to become a guide and create classes.

Who can be an explorer? 

Anyone 18-years-old or above! Moonpark is an inclusive platform for lifelong learners and anyone is welcome to join.

Who can be a guide? 

Anyone 18-years-old or above! We believe that everyone has something to share, and we encourage any explorer who feels compelled to share their knowledge to sign up to be a guide.

Can I be both a guide and an explorer?

Absolutely! We are lifelong learners here at moonpark, and we believe everyone should have the chance to share and learn with each other.

Which country is moonpark available in? 

Moonpark is available in every country except for Russia and mainland China.

What if I cannot make it to class anymore?

We understand that things happen. To cancel, simply go to “My Classes” -> “Upcoming Classes” and click the “Cancel” button on the class you can no longer attend. You will receive a full refund as long as you cancel 48 hours before a class starts.

How do I register for a class?

To book a class, go to the class you are interested in and click “Book Class.” You will need to pay using Stripe or a credit card in order to be successfully registered for a class. 

How do I know which classes are right for me?

We have various categories of classes for you to choose from. You can use our filter function to find classes that fit your scheduling and learning needs. You can also look at class descriptions for suggested levels and language(s).

Where do classes take place?

Moonpark classes are always in person and can take place anywhere! The location is determined by the guide and can take place anywhere from someone’s apartment to a local coffee shop, or even a park. The general area will be listed in each class’s description and the exact location will be sent via email once you have successfully registered for the class. (This is to ensure the safety and privacy of our explorers and guides.)

What do I need to bring to class?

The materials needed for each class will be listed in the class description (“What should you bring?”). Otherwise, just bring yourself!

What do I do if I have questions about a class?

You can message the guide for specific questions about their class on the app. For any other questions, contact us at

How are prices determined?

Guides have complete control over the pricing of their classes.

What does “level of experience” for guides mean?

When you look at the class description, you will see “Guide’s experience.” This is to help you find classes that best fit your learning style and needs. Guide’s experience levels are categorized as follows.

  • Hobbyist: the guide engages with the activities regularly for enjoyment and passion, but not professionally
  • Lifer: the guide has been doing this for a long time as part of their daily life (e.g. cooking for the family)
  • Pro: the guide is a professional, certified with further education and/or training, and/or has experience in the trade

What can I do if I feel uncomfortable after arriving at my class?

You can leave the class at any time if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. Please report the issue by emailing so we can keep moonpark safe and inclusive.

Can’t find a class you want to take on moonpark?

Let us know on our Facebook group or email us at!

What do I do if there is a glitch in the app?

Please let us know at and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Have more questions?

Contact us at


What do I need to publish a class?

To make your class public, you would need to link your Stripe or Taiwanese bank account to moonpark and fill out a class summary. Remember to have photos depicting your class and the location of the class ready before you start!

Where can I host my classes?

Anywhere you want! As a guide, you can choose any location that you feel works best for conducting your classes. If you decide to make the location private on the app, explorers will only be notified of the exact address once they have successfully paid for the class. Please contact the moonpark team if you need help finding a venue for your class.

What do I need to host a class?

Anyone can be a guide and no formal qualifications are needed. As all moonpark classes are held in person, you also don’t have to worry about recording yourself or writing a script. Some classes may require additional materials and you can also request explorers to bring their own supplies. Otherwise, just share what you love!

What is the class cancellation policy for guides?

If you can no longer host a class, you can cancel your class at any time before the class starts. However, as a courtesy to your explorers, we recommend canceling more than a day in advance if possible. A cancellation notice and refund will be automatically sent out to all registered explorers.

How can I receive my payment after a class?

You will need a Stripe or Taiwanese bank account in order to receive payments for your classes. After completing the class, your payment will be transferred directly into your account. Go to Stripe to sign-up and for additional questions.

Is there a subscription fee?

Moonpark has no subscription fee! However, we add 10% (~5% platform fee and ~5% transaction fee) on top of your class price for every booking. (For example, if you set $100 as the class price, we would charge every explorer $110.)

How much should I charge for my class?

We recommend a price that matches your level of proficiency and the cost of living in your city. Additional expenses (supplies, rental fees, etc.) should be included in the class fee.

How does booking/payment for classes work?

Explorers can book and pay via credit card inside the app. After you successfully complete the class, your payment will be transferred directly to your Stripe or Taiwanese bank account within 7 business days.


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