Become a Guide

Become a Guide

Tap into your wealth of knowledge and give back to your community by sharing your passion. With moonpark, you can easily engage with your local community through in-person classes.

Benefits of Becoming a Guide

Local Community
Hosting classes is the perfect way to meet diverse individuals with common interests and locations. Engage with your neighbors in person and build a community.

As a guide, you have full autonomy over the class schedule, price, location, and structure. Feel empowered by teaching what and how you want!

Experience growth and gain confidence through teaching. With our in-person classes, you can share personal skills and connect with your explorers in a way that is impossible to do virtually.

Economic Value
Whether you are a professional at the subject or doing it as hobby, you can get compensated for your skills with our platform. It is completely free to set up your class on moonpark!

Steps to Create a Class

Hosting a Class Flowchart

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Guide FAQ

Is there a subscription or platform fee for guides? Moonpark has no subscription fee! However, we add 10% (~5% platform fee and ~5% transaction fee) on top of your class price for every booking. (For example, if you set $100 as the class price, we would charge every explorer $110.)
How does booking/payment for classes work? Explorers can book and pay via credit card inside the app. After you successfully complete the class, your payment will be transferred directly to your Stripe or Taiwanese bank account within 7 business days.
Who can be a guide? Anyone 18-years-old or above! We believe that everyone has something to share, and we encourage any explorer who feels compelled to share their knowledge to sign up to be a guide.
Where can I host my classes? Anywhere you want! As a guide, you can choose any location that you feel works best for conducting your classes. If you decide to make the location private on the app, explorers will only be notified of the exact address once they have successfully paid for the class. Please contact the moonpark team if you need help finding a venue for your class.
What is the class cancellation policy for guides? If you can no longer host a class, you can cancel your class at any time before the class starts. However, as a courtesy to your explorers, we recommend canceling more than a day in advance if possible. A cancellation notice and refund will be automatically sent out to all registered explorers.