Vicky: International Coffee Judge

“I drank coffee before because I needed caffeine, but now I love coffee because I found more possibilities in coffee.”

International coffee judge Vicky started her coffee career 10 years ago in Shanghai with zero knowledge about specialty coffee. Back then, coffee was simply a tool to help her stay awake, but as she learned more, she realized there were many layers to coffee. “The first coffee that surprised me was from Ethiopia,” said Vicky. “[Coffee] can taste citrusy or floral…I was so surprised how coffee can have so many kinds of flavors!”

When she returned to Taiwan, she was inspired to share her passion for coffee, and she opened Twi A Coffee Roasters with her husband in 2015. “We love coffee so much, so we wanted people to know what is tasty coffee.”

Besides running her coffee shops, Vicky also acts as a judge at coffee competitions. She is especially interested in learning how local Taiwanese producers brew and pick their coffee beans. “Because I grew up and live here [in Taiwan], I want to know the coffee here [in Taiwan] and introduce them [Taiwanese coffee] to more and more people [abroad].”

When she is not busy hosting coffee brewing classes and judging competitions, Vicky enjoys learning about cooking, baking, and wine and tea making.

Vicky’s tip for people who want to make better coffee at home: get fresh roasted coffee and grind it freshly!

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