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Moonpark is an inclusive platform where you can host in-person classes. Connect with others and discover new hobbies right in your neighborhood!

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Our app

Moonpark is a mobile app with in-person classes hosted by the community. After signing up as an explorer, you can browse through classes near you and discover new hobbies right in your neighborhood. Our platform makes it easy to find classes that cater to your needs – all while providing flexibility in scheduling and giving back to locals. For those of you who want to share your knowledge, you can make an additional profile to become a guide and show what you love with your community.

Our values

Meet diverse individuals with common interests and locations. Engage with your neighbors in person and build a community!

Find unique, hyperlocalized classes that fit your schedule and learning needs. For guides, this means the ability to share your knowledge using your own schedule, location, and teaching style.

Take care of your mental and physical health by getting off your screen. Experience a sense of connectedness and belonging through learning together.

Economic Value
Best of all, everything goes back to your community! Support your neighbors by taking classes hosted by locals, and give back by sharing what you know and love.

Our story

We often get asked where the inspiration for our app came from. For our founder Kelly, the beating heart behind this idea was her mom, Moon Soon (Park) Choi. At every gathering, Mrs. Choi would take center stage in the kitchen and make it her duty to feed the masses. To Kelly, these culinary “shows” are a source of warmth and joy – a quintessential human experience representing love, care, and happiness.

As Kelly started searching for intrinsic values of her own, she realized that replicating these experiences required more than just a recipe. These experiences are deeply rooted in the human spirit that is Moon Soon (Park) Choi, and the “secret formula” is in her hands, heart, and soul. The only way to carry on these recipes, then, is to cultivate them through human connections.

Thus, moonpark was created to allow communities to pass along and cultivate deeply human and personal skills that cannot be learned online. Ultimately, moonpark is about connecting people through learning. The key is to break through the virtual barriers and connect with someone local to create opportunities to grow.

Share your knowledge

Inspire your community by sharing what you love –
all while maintaining flexibility in your schedule.

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What is moonpark? Moonpark is an app with classes hosted by the community. With our platform, you are empowered to get involved and discover new hobbies right in your neighborhood. Local guides use moonpark to create in-person experiences that are authentic and unique.
How does it work? As a new user, you will begin your journey as an explorer, where you can browse and book classes from an array of categories. Those who want to share can make an additional profile to become a guide and create classes.
Who can be an explorer? Anyone 18-years-old or above! Moonpark is an inclusive platform for lifelong learners and anyone is welcome to join.
Who can be a guide? Anyone 18-years-old or above! We believe that everyone has something to share, and we encourage any explorer who feels compelled to share their knowledge to sign up to be a guide.
Which country is moonpark available in? Moonpark is available in every country except for Russia and mainland China.